Rich Dad, Poor Dad tells the story of the author Robert Kiyosaki, who had 2 dads in his life, his real father (the poor one), and his best friend father (the rich one).

The book is trying to show you the main aspects of the financial life that kids who come from a poor family cannot benefit from.

Most of us are trying to find out who do reach people actually teach their kids.

How do they shape their mindset and vision?

In case you want to understand rapidly the main lessons of financial success, without having to read the book, then you came to the right place as we have actually put an infographic together to share those with you.

If you want to read the full review of the book, then you can check out another post we published.

Lesson 1: The Rich Don’t Work For Money.

Lesson 2: Why Teach Financial Literacy?

Lesson 3: Mind Your Own Business.

Lesson 4: The Rich Invent Money.

Lesson 5: Work to Learn. Don’t Work For Money.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad Infographic